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Menu October 2019

Aperitif: Bollicine e frutti di bosco

(= Bubbly and Forest Fruits)

Recommended wine: Mussantino Selvatico

Bollicine e frutti di bosco Ingredients for 4 people: ***Version no. 1: 200 g fresh, mixed forest fruits 1 bottle Mussantino Selvatico ***Version no. 2: 200 g fresh, mixed forest fruits ½ untreated lemon 2 tbsp cane sugar 1 bottle Mussantino Selvatico

Autumn has arrived, tinging the leaves all shades of yellow; on some trees it has also turned them orange, on others beautifully red. Many other things have arrived along with it too, grapes, pomegranates, chestnuts, pumpkins – to name but a few – and also forest fruits. During a walk in the woods, nothing can be more satisfying than picking them off the plant and tasting them straight away, filling a basket to make amazing jams, cakes and tarts or, as in this case, to prepare an aperitif – in two versions – that is both delicious and... colourful! What’s more, the little multi-coloured fruits have lots of beneficial properties; they are allies that help keep the body young because they contain good quantities of polyphenols, veritable shields for our body, which help fight free radicals and defend it against cellular ageing.

Version no. 1:

Wash the forest fruits under running water and delicately pat them dry with a cloth, taking care not to squash them. Distribute them in the glasses and then pour in the Mussantino Selvatico: the fruit will “dance” to the rhythm of the lively little bubbles, giving them a slight hint of sweetness that’s not bad at all.

Version no. 2:

After washing the forest fruits under running water and delicately patting them dry with a cloth, set a few aside (to use for decoration) and put the rest in an immersion blender beaker with the sugar and lemon juice, then blend until you obtain a purée. Pour a large spoonful into each glass, fill them up with chilled Mussantino Selvatico and stir with a teaspoon. Serve the aperitif immediately with little skewers prepared with the forest fruits that you set aside. It’s delicious and also attractive to look at, thanks to its warm colours... the colours of autumn.