Menu November 2020

Menu November 2020

Aperitif: Spremuta frizzante di uva bianca e spumante

(= Fizzy White Grape Juice and Sparkling Wine)

Recommended wine: Lo Chiffon

Spremuta frizzante di uva bianca e spumante Ingredients for 5-6 people: 375 ml Spremuta frizzante (freshly squeezed white grape juice with bubbles), well chilled 750 ml sparkling wine, well chilled 1 untreated lemon mint leaves

Pour the “Spremuta frizzante” into a glass jug, tilting it slightly to “save” the bubbles; then slowly add the sparkling wine and the juice of half a lemon. Stir delicately and pour into the glasses. Cut the other half of the lemon into slices to decorate each glass with, add a couple of leaves of mint and it’s ready – a quick, fresh, genuine Viallino aperitif.

Cheers dear friends, here’s to your health!