Menu November 2019

Menu November 2019

Side Dish: Le cipolle ripiene della Stefania

(= Stefania’s Stuffed Onions)

Le cipolle ripiene della Stefania Ingredients for 8-10 people: 10 medium-size white onions (approx. 120 g each) 50 g stale bread 1 egg 20 g grated pecorino cheese 180 g Capocollo (if possible in 2 thick slices) 10 g parsley 1 clove of garlic ½ glass water ½ glass milk 8 Bombolino cherry tomatoes 6-7 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 pinch of grated nutmeg (according to taste) salt

La Vialla’s housekeeper-cooks know how to cope on every occasion. Such as the time when, for the grape harvest, Stefania had planned to prepare stuffed onions, but didn’t have the ingredients she usually used to make them. In less than no time she “invented” a new filling with what was available, and created this recipe which was then named after her!

Clean the onions and cut the top (the “lid”) off each one. Empty them out and set aside the “lids” and the flesh removed from inside. Cut the bread and the Capocollo into pieces; put them in the food processor with the parsley (previously washed and dried) and the clove of garlic, and chop coarsely. Put the mixture in a bowl, add the egg, pecorino cheese, milk, nutmeg and a little salt; mix everything together thoroughly. Fill the onions with plenty of this mixture, to the point of creating a small “dome”. As you prepare them, place them in a baking dish, in the bottom of which – between the stuffed onions – put the inside and “lids” that you set aside earlier, chopped into pieces, the water and the Bombolini tomatoes cut in half. Drizzle plenty of olive oil over everything and season with a little salt. Cook in a preheated oven, at 200 °C, for roughly 1½ hours. During this time, pull the tin out from time to time and baste the onions with the liquid that will have formed. Leave to rest for 20 minutes and serve the onions warm; they are also delicious cold.