Wheat germ pasta


Wheat germ is a reserve of concentrated nutrition and energy which permits the grain to germinate and become an ear of wheat. It is rich in flavour and in important nutritional elements: group B vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, fibre, Octacosanol (an alcohol with invigorating properties) and, above all, vitamin E, also known as the “vitamin of youth” for its strong antioxidant action.

At La Vialla, following two years of research, tests and many tastings, we chose and began to produce a new quality of pasta: wheat germ pasta.

It is currently available in two shapes, "Ricciole" and "Calamari", which are rather unusual but intriguing "to the eye" and, most important of all, to the palate!




Normally the flour used to produce pasta is completely lacking in wheat germ, the most vital part of the grain, which is discarded during processing due to problems related to its durability. Fattoria La Vialla’s artisan production methods make it possible to retrieve this precious ingredient, which remains fresh and maintains its outstanding nutritional properties. In this way we obtain a pasta with a firm consistency and an exceptional flavour which, like “normal” durum wheat pasta, doesn’t cover the flavour of sauces but actually enhances it. Wheat germ pasta also has a delightful characteristic: while cooking, in the air, you can smell an intense aroma of freshly-harvested wheat and you will notice that the water turns slightly green. Why is this?........because of the fresh wheat germ, astounding!

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