1. Fattoria La Vialla's produce comes from organic agriculture and is labelled with the European logoThe guarantee, valid for all the countries and with the symbol of ICEA The guarantee, the organisation which certifies organic farming methods. This organic certification guarantees not only healthy and natural farming methods, respect for the biodiversity of plants and animals and the fertility of the land, but also the entire production system, with periodic controls and analyses (organic certification, furthermore, excludes the use of GMOS throughout the entire production process, from seed, to plant, to raw material).
In addition, Fattoria La Vialla has complete analyses carried out by specialised, approved laboratories on each batch . These systematic analyses assure the absence of any type of synthetic chemical residues and are available for viewing at any time .
bambina-garanzia This symbol indicates the products that, for their organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties, are suitable and recommended for children (generally from 12 months of age). Fattoria La Vialla’s products respect the Baby Food directive.
NB: Due to the artisan and “gentle” type of workmanship involved (e.g. limited filtering to avoid denaturalising the physical and organoleptic characteristics and the natural, beneficial properties of the ingredients) and to the absence of preservatives, some products require a little extra care. The appetizers, sauces, preserved tomatoes, jams and preserves, mousses, grape juice and Mostovino once opened, should be kept in the fridge and consumed within a short time. A little natural sediment may form in the bottles of oil and wine. The pecorino cheese is accompanied by a small booklet giving instructions for its correct storage. In the event of any complaints, the products will be replaced as soon as possible. In the wine, the only preservative used (and well below the upper limits permitted by organic farming regulations) is sulphur dioxide (a sulphite).
La Vialla and Nature

Fattoria La Vialla, as a result of its biodynamic-organic land and woodland cultivation methods and of its careful and parsimonious energy and water management, guarantees respect for the environment. In 38 years’ work, as well as taking care of their land, crops and organic produce, the "Viallini" people have been directing all their efforts towards the improvement of their production methods, in order to preserve the natural resources. Paper, packaging and glass are all from Carbon Neutral sources; the majority of shipments are made by rail.

We decided to measure and monitor these continuous and systematic efforts: the enterprise’s carbon footprint, in terms of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e), was measured in collaboration with the University of Siena. The study attests that Fattoria La Vialla as a whole absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits. In the last 3 years alone we have absorbed 9996.34 tons of CO2e.

315 hectares of "new", adjoining, land have been added to La Vialla’s existing territory and converted to organic farming. An operation of renovation and "cleaning up" which still continues every day. The produce from these new areas of cultivation is labelled with the specification "da agricoltura Biologica-organica in conversione" (= from Organic farming in conversion) for the period foreseen by European regulations.

Up to today, 90% of the Farm’s land is certified
for biodynamic agriculture (we have reached a total of 590 hectares): in a few years’ time we will draw near to having almost all the products certified (100% will be impossible because, at La Vialla, the task of converting land to the biodynamic method is continuously ongoing…). For more information see: www.lavialla.it/demeter

Since 2014 Fattoria La Vialla is also officially certified as a Climate Neutral Company by NatureOffice:logo-natureoffice-UK

Acknowledgement for all this commitment is also verified in the many awards received (an up-dated list is on the Website: www.lavialla.it).


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