The Less Sugar, the Better


Candy floss at a funfair, or “la mela di Pippo” (which is what we call a toffee apple around here)… are things that make you really lick your lips, aren’t they? ...but after reading and hearing so much negative news about refined sugar, your mouth doesn’t water quite so much! Today you run into advice all over the place on how to cut down on sugar consumption. The idea has been buzzing around for some time, and even though the Viallini are country folk they have their eyes and ears wide open. Therefore we have always been careful about the consumption of certain foods; taking inspiration from tradition. As recently as 50 – 60 years ago, sugar was used very little in the countryside. A limited supply had to last the whole year. It was used for some desserts, but only on special occasions, and above all it was used for preserving fruit.


For years at La Vialla we have been researching and experimenting. All the ”sweet” recipes have been gone through and sugar, even if in the form of organic cane sugar, has been replaced with grape must. The must, despite having a similar sweetness to that of sugar, has a lower glycaemic index thanks to its composition (the sugars derive exclusively from the grapes). It also has a natural acidity, making it an excellent natural preservative. Thanks to this choice the jams, marmalades and mousses produced at La Vialla are certified as containing “no added sugar”. And that’s not all. Currently there’s an air of “fever” and expectation in the bakery as well… will we have biscuits without sugar too? With considered optimism and the odd first gratifying taste, the answer appears to be yes. But there’s still a way to go and it’s supposed to be a surprise!

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