Food for the children



The Kindergarten at Terranova Bracciolini in Valdarno:

On the table today, mini fusilli with tomato sauce and grape juice.




A foodstuff is defined Baby Food if it is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years of age. European law dictates that for a foodstuff to be defined Baby Food it must abide by a series of restrictive rules on foreign substances contained in the food itself and potential toxicity for the small palates (pesticides, heavy metals and toxins). Baby food law is inspired by the laws needed to obtain a certification of organic farming production. The latter law being a model for the farmer, not only transferring the first and fundamental principle (the absence of pesticides) to Baby Food products but also its standards and restrictions.




La Vialla's Baby Food products are not only organic, but they also respect the stringent "Baby Food" regulations. 



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