Products from farming in conversion

You may receive products labelled with the specification “da agricoltura biologica-organica in conversion” (= from organic farming in conversion).

These products come from land that Fattoria La Vialla has leased or bought recently and that, for bureaucratic reasons, has not yet obtained organic certification.

Effectively, the new land is cultivated using biodynamic methods from day one, but 3 years must go by before obtaining Organic certification and another 2 years are needed before we can apply for Demeter certification.

The products that come from land under conversion are, all the same, guaranteed by comprehensive analyses which exclude the presence of any type of chemical residue.

Converting land to biodynamic agriculture is part of Fattoria La Vialla’s tenacious commitment (with the help of the Fondazione Lo Franco) to improve and safeguard the environment.

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